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on Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Latest  Handbag Styles 2011

  Handbag Some of us underestimate the power of the purse. I do not mean this in the economic or the financial sense. What I meant to say is that most of us women consider the purse as something to hold whatever items we need to carry with us whenever we go out.

  Handbag But the thing is, beyond being a container for our lipstick, our car keys, wallet, and all those things we could not possibly survive a trip outside our houses without, a purse is a fashion accessory, and a powerful one at that too. A purse underscores your look and highlights the curves of the body. We may not realize it, but whoever looks at us most likely gets his or her eyes drawn first to the purse we are carrying. Therefore, a purse can build your look up or demolish it entirely.
  Handbag If you are short and slim in build, you should pick a bag that is small and holds close to the body. Never get a big purse because it will drown you and make you appear lost beside it.If you are the type that is tall and thin, a medium-sized bag will work best for you.
  Handbag In choosing a shoulder bag, though, pick something that fits nice and close under your arm and against your waist. Bags like that will create the illusion of curves on your lean body and will draw the eyes to your face.
  Handbag If you have that perfect hourglass figure, then any kind of bag is perfect for you. Any bag you choose would be flattering to your body. However, remember that the rules on proportion still apply even to ladies with the perfect curves. Do not get a bag that is too large or too small for your body.Always remember that proportion is the rule for finding the perfect purse. Keep this in mind and the perfect purse will never be hard to find.